"The workplace has a significant impact on people‚Äôs health and well-being. Poor management of workplace health can lead to work-related ill health and to high levels of sickness absence. This gives real cause for concern, not least because of the costs involved, the impact on service delivery and the consequences for individual staff. Sickness absence is a key business issue, and it is a key indicator of how well an organisation is managed."(HSE)


In the UK, 58% of women and 68% of men are overweight or obese and one in four will experience a mental illness. Sitting for 5+ hours is a productivity killer and has the same health implications as smoking! 



Being regularly active is one of the best ways to prevent and manage poor musculoskeletal health and combat stress; which according to Public Health England are both major causes of sickness absence. Yoga in the workplace can reduce stress and anxiety, back and joint pain, neck and shoulder tension and boost energy and motivation. In addition, it can sooth busy minds and improve sleep, leaving employees energised with improved concentration and focus.  


Whether you choose a positive start to the day, a lunchtime destress session or an after work wind down for your team, you can be sure that it will increase energy levels and lower burnout rates. 


Sessions can be tailored to suit your organisation, from just 20 minute desk stretch and destress sessions, to all day health and wellbeing events. You might choose to offer free yoga as part of an employee benefits package, to part-subsidise the cost for your staff or to pass the cost onto them. Either way, you are sure of a more productive and serene workplace. 




Health can be affected by both the physical and psychological work environment. By introducing programmes that encourage physical exercise, healthy eating, stress management and smoking cessation, organisations can encourage individual behaviour change resulting in positive, cost-effective health outcomes, improved engagement and increased productivity. I can work with you to develop a suitable wellbeing programme for your employees, whatever their needs. 




As line managers play such a key role in ensuring the health and wellbeing of their teams, it is crucial that they are trained adequately. By offering them training in areas such as effective leadership, the importance of maintaining health and wellbeing at work, and the effect health and wellbeing can have on improved organisational performance, you can increase job satisfaction, improve your employee engagement and wellbeing and boost productivity. 


Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss how I can help your organisation with any of the above.